Saturday, July 30, 2011

We are totally not Church Go-ers

BUT...... Friday night we went to my sister Stephanie's which I have been a lot lately. Any who back to the story... her kids had been going to some church thing all week long from 6-9. well Friday they showed the parents what all they did through the week and and had BBQ. we went up with the kids too. kinda boring at first but then we ate and went outside. they had a big slip n slid and a firetruck outside(fire station was next door). they played a game 3 legged walk i guess where 2 ppl tie  middle feet together and race. then water play started. the firefighter got called out on a call then came back. pretty quick accident i guess. well when they got back they ran over and got a hose and some other thing for end and put it to the hydrant for a TON of water. So cool seriously. 
here is the firetruck
Me and Kyler
 Lexi and Sean
 Taylor and some girl
 Taylor sliding
Stephanie and Matti
 Chloe and Taylor

 lots of water

We went out early this morning and went to garage sales. Got some toys and some clothes. was fun but such a pain with the kids lol, wont be doing that for a while again. did get a HUGE dry erase board and now I'm itching to go get some markers for it but may just lay down and nap till everyone gets up. thats about it for the weekend so far. trying to get on posting so maybe will have another post tomorrow haha to bad i only got 4 followers but oh well

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whats been going on?

BOREDUM!!!! I hate being bored. I've been getting pissy for no reason and am feeling super stressed feeling lately and everyone is getting on my DAMN nerves. no clue why? Jeremy did bring me a "surprise" today home today, wondered why it was taking him so long to get home..... He got me a 2 week tan package to get me some color. I love being tan, makes my self esteem go through the roof and makeup looks so much better on. now to do something with my freggin hair. need some color or maybe some honey highlights. It needs something and some more cut off and some texture.
I applied for a job last night at Applebee's while we were there so hopefully I get it since all college kids are about to go back to school they will be hiring. We could use some extra money and I want to buy stuff like photography props and I got 2 actually 3 lenses on my list right now. Oh and I some some princess cut diamond earrings. I am terrified to get back into work though. maybe its cause I have not had a "real" job since before Taylor was born, or before I was even pregnant with her. I have a feeling once I get a job though and make some money ill be okay but getting my foot through the door is hard for me. It's gonna suck cause I will be working opposite as Jeremy so as soon as he comes home most likely I'll be going to work. and I feel like with having 2 kids during the day I wont even be able to do anything like tan or even go  to the river, gonna suck for him worse cause he wont be able to go to gym or really out on boat. Maybe I will make some friends though. I really need them. I have been hanging out with my sister Stephanie which is nice. I need some good friends and family in my life. Taylor and her girls get along great. We are actually going to go to more garage sales this weekend again but taking the girls. hopefully can find the girls some cute clothes and cheapo toys and I am in desperate need of some shorts myself if i can find some cute ones for cheap that fit my huge hips.
Found a nice wooden swing set stand on CL for cheap too, hoping I can find someone with a truck to pick it up for me. I am so sick of going to the park in this heat (100* weather) it sucks especially cause I have to walk 10 minutes to even get there so by the time I am at the end of the street I'm ready to go home. Hopefully we can get this and set it up and buy Taylor a swing and we can just go out back and swing for a few then come in. plus I have a baby swing although the dogs chewed it up I'm sure its still works just harder to get buckle undone. Freggin mutts! any who I really want this swing set. I need it!

I started to learn how to crochet to make some stuff to sell for some extra cash if i could just make a sale. I am getting pretty good but started a wizard hat and just not into it but then again I am, feeling overwhelmed by kids as soon as I start and no support but though "likes" and comments on Facebook. everyone else just HATES which is starting to get on my nerves. here are my first few projects that turned out. I can NOT make a dishrag but can make a hat LOL go figure

 hahah my dishrag
 first hat
 first owl hat and second for a newborn

 zebra hat back and front

matching grey hats for kyler and taylor
made the hat a little nicer by adding a band and 2 buttons
and right now  I am working on a disney fantasia hat. a blue wizard one. super cute so far but the stitching on it is killing me.

So............. if anyone would maybe want a hat made my prices are $15 for baby's, $18 for kids and teens and $20 for adults. It may go up some if its a crazy pattern or excessive colors and color changing which takes a lot more time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big ol' Bellys make me happy

So I love big pregnant bellys. I almost wish I could be pregnant all the time :D
Last night I got the pleasure of doing my first maternity shoot with a friend. Im very happy with the turnout of picturess but not done editing them all. Her 5 yr old son is to stinking cute too. he was funny kissing her belly and smashing his face in it and hugging her. I want more babies but then again I dont. Here are a few pics from last night hope you like them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

checking in

Have not posted in a while. Just wanted to say we are all doing good here.

Yesterday we rode horses. it was super fun and Taylor had a blast making them run while she was riding them.
 First meeting
 Bareback with aunt Alicia
 Riding with me :)
 Well he wasnt running here but was trotting, all i heard was "run run run giddy up run giddy up run run run"

This evening I will be doing my first maternity shoot :) Im very excited. I will post some pics when I edit them. I bought some duckies, made a bow and got some alphabet blocks so spell the babies name out
im very excited but thats it for now