Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kyler is 2 months

:( WOW... Time is flying by. My baby boy is 2 months old as of yesterday. I to busy to post yesterday. I cant believe I have such an adorable son and a beautiful daughter. if you woulda asked me 4-5 yrs ago I NEVER EVER wanted kids, then I got pregnant with Taylor and I love babies now. Other peoples are ok but get annoying after a while. its true and most know it if they dont want to admit it. I think its cause you raise your kids how you want them to act and others kids dont act how you want them to.

Taylor is into Rapunzel now and we watch "Tangled" about 5 times a day.... or at least it plays in the background that much lol. Luckly I love the movie too :) She is obsessed with dresses now too. she is actually grounded from them today for not playing nice with Faith earlier today when I was watching her. she is upset right now that she cant wear a dress. Faith brought us all over some silicone bracelet's today that her aunt made. They say "Amanda" then when you turn it around more (same outter side) says "always in our hearts". then they got hearts on them too. then even got cute kid sizes that actually fit taylor so that is super cool. Im just glad they are doing alright with the loss of their mom. It hit me hard for her to die and leave her beautiful girls. I feel so horrible for them. I couldnt imagine something happening to me and leaving Taylor and Kyler or even something happening to them. makes me sad to think about.

Ahhhh. Cant wait to get my ErgoBaby carrier either and then take taylor to the park without dragging a stroller and Ill be able to walk a dog too and work with them more cause their training has went to shit. Its so annoying to me. 

Photography Stuff

I need more people to shoot. Debating making a FB page and try and get me some people I can shoot. Shooting the same thing over and over is boring to me LOL. I am going to attempt some fitness photo's from a friend from HS that lives a few streets away. so that should be fun. Got the basement cleaned up for the most part. I set up a mini studio down there with my backdrops and lights. got a few props but not many but over time I will get more. Taylors dad brought my over some fake wood so now I can make a small floor to use with wood to take baby pics with. it  may be bigger but not sure how big, if it is bigger than I can use it for more shoots with adults when that time comes. Im so excited. Im learning more with my camera almost everyday. just need to keep reading more and getting out there and shoot. Gonna start to attempt more outside photos but I suck on manual outside and usually get mad and flip to auto.
Ill learn eventually...

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