Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last April weekend..

Long fun weekend for the most part. I worked at the St. Charles Baby Kids Expo yesterday for Ergo baby in exchange for infant insert and a bad ass Ergo carrier. It so so comfortable and I LOVED it, I can not wait to get mine and wear Kyler. He was in it for over 3 hours and after 10 m ins of being in it was out like a rock. I also got a ton of other freebies there, esp gerber and walmart. I swear Walmart gave me like 50 yummy nutragrain bars lol. My feet hurt like crazy after standing on the concrete so long but before I left I went to the moms zone booth and got a massage and my hair styled (see below). So nice and relaxing. then went home and slept till jeremy got home. He was helping clean up pieces of a friends parents house from the bad tornado that came through last week. they got the clear to start digging through stuff. their house is completely gone :(

Realized some people are two faced and others are users so honestly I dont give a shit about them anymore, Im done with trying and noone putting any effort back. Fuck them! I got my wonderful Fiance and kids to worry about. Speaking of the kids. Kyler is smiling so much lately. I bet a laugh will be coming soon. he can cry and all i gotta do is talk to him and he starts to smile. Hes such a happy baby majority of the time. Bad news I got this weekend was that my mom was in the hospital and but she got released Saturday afternoon and is okay.

Didnt really get the basement cleaned out like I wanted to but will try to work on that this week. I want to make a slightly bigger photography studio down there than craming everything into Kylers room along with all his stuff in there. Im really excited to start doing more photos but just need more models to work with. I'm getting more and more confedient with myself. 

Got to go to the dermatologist tomorrow. I have had a red spot on my nose for over 7 months and it hasnt went away, although in the past week its gotten lighter. I finally remembered to ask my doctor about it and she says it looks like it may be pre-cancerish. So off to go see a skin doctor. hopefully its nothing bad and maybe they can prescribe me something for the acne spot I got in early pregnancy with Kyler from breaking out so bad. We will find out tomorrow. Need to really write a letter to a close friend. I suck at writing letters so I dont know what to say. Hopefully Ill do that and get it in mil tomorrow :) Also tomorrow I got to sign Taylor up for summer school/camp. and hopefully I can get her into their school next year. We got on the waiting list 2 weeks ago.

Osama Bin Laden Dead
Yay he is finally dead. That is great news but also could be very bad news. There is gonna be some bad retaliation coming I'm sure, shit is about to hit the fan. Hopefully not though but he was followed by MANY and you know they are ticked off.
Watching KSDK in the background and the news reporter (dunno his name cause I really dont really watch the news) looks like he has been bawling.

well I guess thats it, till next time.....................

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