Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day...

So Mothers day was kinda a blow to me. I was honestly dissapointed. I though maybe I'd get a card, get told a simple "Happy Mothers Day" nope nothing until late at night when i said something about it, then said one day in the week we will have a makeup mothers day hahahaha right you cant make it up :( Maybe I just expect to much out of the small holidays, but most mothers expect something on that day even if its not your mom and its a mother they deserve a happy mothers day. Jeremy went out on the boat with Phil all day. after he left I took a shower and got ready to go to the Valley Of Flowers Parade. Some dumb fair that happens every year. tons of fights and bad things happen there so we dont go. just to the parade. So parade was fun but HOT. after that we walked back up to Chris's and Taylor and the girls played all day. I was only expected to stay a bit but ended up staying there all night. It was nice and at least I was doing something than sitting on the couch by myself. Been super stressed out lately as it is and on edge, so it was nice to get out for the whole day without any drama from others not us. But Im pretty much over it, there is always next yr. I can not wait till the kids are older and in school and make cute mothers day gifts :)

Parade was fun overall. I cant wait till I can put taylor in the town Queen contests. most of the girls runnign for queen were in horse and carriage. The first with a horse had a beutiful carriage. I wish I would got my camera out and took a picture of it. its was all metal and like cinderella. I took pics of some of the rest and when i upload them to my computer ill post a few on here.

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