Friday, June 3, 2011

past few weeks

Nothing New really is happening, sisters graduation party, had a family reunion thing at my dads, did a small photoshoot with kelsey and also got some more pics of Taylor. Nothing to exciting........

Well my wittle sista finally graduated on the 22nd. Yeah over a week ago I've been lazy getting on here. Oh well Im here now. Posting a few pics from the party which I have been meaning to do

Here are some photos from my dads family funtion thing....

Few from Kelseys shoot....

And last but not least a few I got of Taylor wearing a cute sailor outfit she got from granny Chris

Hope you enjoy the pics. Gonna plan of getting some of The family tomorrow and Kyler some 3 month pictures :) Then Sunday Jeremys sister and her fiance and kids are comming over to do some pics.

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