Saturday, July 30, 2011

We are totally not Church Go-ers

BUT...... Friday night we went to my sister Stephanie's which I have been a lot lately. Any who back to the story... her kids had been going to some church thing all week long from 6-9. well Friday they showed the parents what all they did through the week and and had BBQ. we went up with the kids too. kinda boring at first but then we ate and went outside. they had a big slip n slid and a firetruck outside(fire station was next door). they played a game 3 legged walk i guess where 2 ppl tie  middle feet together and race. then water play started. the firefighter got called out on a call then came back. pretty quick accident i guess. well when they got back they ran over and got a hose and some other thing for end and put it to the hydrant for a TON of water. So cool seriously. 
here is the firetruck
Me and Kyler
 Lexi and Sean
 Taylor and some girl
 Taylor sliding
Stephanie and Matti
 Chloe and Taylor

 lots of water

We went out early this morning and went to garage sales. Got some toys and some clothes. was fun but such a pain with the kids lol, wont be doing that for a while again. did get a HUGE dry erase board and now I'm itching to go get some markers for it but may just lay down and nap till everyone gets up. thats about it for the weekend so far. trying to get on posting so maybe will have another post tomorrow haha to bad i only got 4 followers but oh well

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